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We are a surgical implants- and material distributor company in the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia. Our 3 pillars are: innovation, implication and investigation. We offer a wide range of leading products that are in constant evolution to meet your needs in an effective and proactive way. We accompany and advise our clients by means of a personalized treatment, as well as occupational training. We support scientific investigation and application of the latest technologies.

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MIETHKE proSA® - B|Braun

Clinical studies

Unique valve which allows post-operative adjustment according to the patient’s needs in vertical position. It offers different options and possibilities for all the hydrocephaly treatment fields, in comparison with the limitations of conventional systems of valve adjustments.

Metha® - B|Braun

Clinical studies

Short stem hip endo-prosthesis system that represents a new generation of hip endo-prosthesis implants. Two are its main advantages: a reduced size of the hip stem and a circumferentially coated round surface.

Cespace XP - B|Braun

Clinical studies

Intersomatic system for the anterior cervical spine, composed of biocompatible PEEK-Optima® with a PlasmaporeXP® coating.

DBM - Surginnova

Clinical studies

Demineralized bone matrix. Osteoconductive, osteogenic and osteoinductive. Simple usage and preparation, very safe and sterilized with gamma radiation.

Equinoxe® - Exactech

Clinical studies

Inverted shoulder system with an optimized design which avoids the scapular wear as well as it keeps the rotation centre above the front of the glenoid.

OrthoPilot® KneeSuite - B|Braun
OrthoPilot® KneeSuite

Clinical studies

Navigation System. Since its creation, the system has been designed to remove the need of expensive tomographies (CAT-scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Articles of interest

30 OCT
Nucleoplasty for the treatment of herniated discs

Nucleoplasty or radiofrequency coblation, is a minimal invasive percutaneous technique for disc decompression that constitutes an alternative for the treatment of pain caused by a disc hernia. It can be done in an outpatient or in-patient set-up and requires anaesthetic sedation and/or local anaesthetic depending of each patient.

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02 NOV
Facet denervation through rhizolysis.

Lumbar percutaneous facet denervation is a minimal invasive technique which provides a fast improvement of lumbar pain and allows patients to quickly restart their daily activity. Its use does not restrict posterior surgery, but it can avoid surgery in a high percentage of patients with motivation to follow a muscle re-education and strengthening program.

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05 NOV
1 million stem-cell transplants

The Worldwide Network for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (WBMT) has announced recently this milestone which was reached by the end of 2012. The WBMT is a non-profit scientific organization with the mission to promote excellence in stem cell transplantation, stem cell donation and cellular therapy.

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Surginnova and Sport

Committed with health and people’s well-being, Surginnova does its bit to make sport dreams in Alicante real, sponsoring the sport boat Dignity 3.

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