Data protection

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th, concerning protection of personal data you supplied through the web page www.surginnovacom, will be treated in a confidential way and will form part of a file owned by Surginnova SLU, Avda. Albufereta Nº 48 C 03016 Alicante (España) , dully inscribed in the Agency of Data Protection ( Your personal data will solely be used for sending information concerning our products and services.

We also inform you that you can exercise your rights to access, rectification, cancelation and opposition in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999, December the 13th, of Personal Data Protection, sending an electronic mail to or a letter together with a fotocopy of your national identity card to the following address: Surginnova SLU, Avda. Albufereta Nº 48 C 03016 Alicante (España).

Surginnova doesn’t sell, hire or transmit in any way information or personal data of its clients/users to third parties. The owner of the data authorizes expressly that its data will be ceded to receive information concerning products commercialized by the Company.

SURGINNOVA could obtain and/or store the following information about the visitors and users of this web:

  • The name of the provider’s domain (PIS) and/or IP address that will give access to the web, with the goal to elaborate statistics of web visits.
  • Date and time of access, that will permit us to know the hours of more affluence.
  • The internet address from which the link to our web page parted, in order to check the effectivity of different announcements and links that point towards our server, and be able to potentiate those that offer best results.
  • The employed operating system, navigator and screen resolution, to know the technical capacities of our visitors and adjust the web page design in accordance with these data.
  • The number of daily visitors of each section, differentiating between the more successful areas, and increase and improve its content, so the users will obtain a more satisfying service.

To these effects, the data obtained both by the server where the web is allocated, as well as the data obtained through Google Analytics, an analytical service of the web offered by Google, Inc., a Delaware company whose principal office is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States (“Google”), will be used.

The information obtained this way, is totally anonymous and in no case will be associated and identified with a particular user.

This web could use cookies, small data files that are generated in the user’s computer which permit to obtain information such as the date and hour of the last time the user visited the web, the design of the contents the user choose in its first visit or the elements of security that intervened in the control of access to restricted areas. The user has the option to impede the generation of cookies selecting the corresponding option in its navigator. SURGINNOVA commits itself to treat your personal data in an absolutely confidential way, making sole use of the same exclusively for the purposes indicated, and informs you that it has the necessary technical and organizational security measures installed in order to guarantee the security of your data, avoiding its alteration, loss, unauthorized treatment and/or access, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks they are exposed to, either proceeding from human action or from physical or natural means, in accordance with the provisions of article 9 of the LOPD and its Rules of development approved by Royal Degree 1720/2007, December 21st.

The user guarantees that the Personal Data supplied to Surginnova SLU is true and is responsible to communicate whatever modification to the same. The user will be solely responsible for whatever harm or prejudice, direct or indirect, that it could cause to Surginnova SLU or to whatever third party because of filling out the forms with false, inexact, incomplete or not updated data.

Surginnova SLU has adopted the necessary measures to avoid alteration, loss, treatment or none-authorized access of personal data, taking into account at all moment the state of technology, notwithstanding, the user must be aware that security measures in Internet are not impregnable.

Filling out the forms included in the web site, implies the express approval of the user to the inclusion of its personal data in the referred automated file of Surginnova SLU.


We use our own cookies to improve our services. This is usual practice in the majority of web sites. If you continue to navigate, we understand that you accept our use of the cookies. Equally, and complying with what`s established in Royal Degree of Law 13/2012, March 30th, SURGINNOVA solicits your approval to obtain anonymous data of statistic nature concerning your navigation in this Web site. If you continue navigating in this page we understand that you expressly accept the installation of cookies in your navigator, with the purposes indicated in this section.

In occasions, could contain links to other webs in which the privacy policy would lack validity. Visitors of our Web could be redirected to third party webs to provide them more information. SURGINNOVA doesn’t hold itself responsible for, neither guarantees the way in which data of personal carácter of the users can be stored or used in the servers of these third parties you could be redirected to. We therefore recommend to revise the privacy policy of each linked web with our web, to determine the use that is made of your personal data.

Complying with the Law 34/2002, July 11th, concerning the services of the society of information and electronic commerce, we inform you about the usage of “cookies” in this web site with the purpose to facilitate and improve navigation for users, reminding where he/she navigated in the web site, the preferences, and visualization configurations.

Ccookies are small text files that use to be encrypted, stored/housed in the equipment or user’s device when he/she accesses the web site by the web server, permitting the responsible of the cookies to read the information stored in it. When you return to visit the site or web page, the cookies are read to identify the user and establish the preferences and navigation configuration of this user.

In case you don’t permit the use of “cookies”, certain services or functionalities of the web site will not be available to the user.

There is a big variety of cookies. Although it is correct that the function of the same is very similar, their classification varies depending on its temporality and its purpose. Temporality is the time these cookies stay installed in your device or terminal, and its purpose, as its own name indicates, is the finality for which these are installed in your equipment.

Depending of said principal factors, there are cookies that require the approval of the User and others not. The cookies that don’t need authorization to be installed are, amongst others, the essential ones so your computer and our servers can communicate with each other. They don’t obtain data about you, but only help that everything functions correctly and you can navigate through our web.

There are own cookies and others that pertain to third parties. For the moment, SURGINNOVA only uses cookies of third parties, which we will show you lateron. The principal groups of cookies that exist are the following:

Technical cookies:

Are those who permit navigation of the user through a web page, platform or application and the usage of different options or services that exist in that page, such as for example traffic control and data communication, session identification, access at parts of restricted access, to store the elements that compose an order, perform the buying process of an order, perform the solicitude of subscription or participation in an event, use the elements of security during the navigation, storing contents for diffusion of videos or sound or comparting contents through social networks.

Personalized cookies:

Are those that permit the user to access a service with some characteristics of general nature, predefined as a function of a series of criteria at the terminal of the user, as for example would be language, the type of navigator through which the service is accessed, the regional configuration from which the service is accessed, etc.

Cookies for analysis:

Are those, who either treated by us or by third parties, permit us to quantify the number of users who visit us and that way perform measurements and statistical analysis of the usage visitors make of the offered services.

Advertising cookies:

Are those which permit the management of advertising spaces in the most efficient way possible, which in its case, has been included by the editor in a web page, application or platform from which the solicited service is provided, based on criteria such as the edited content or the frequency in which the publicity is shown.

Behavioural advertising cookies:

Are those that permit to manage advertising spaces present in a web page in the most efficient way possible, adjusting its advertising content to the content of the service solicited or the use the visited web page performs. For that, your navigation habits in internet are analysed, making it thereby possible to show you publicity related with your navigation profile.

This web site uses the following cookies:

Strictly necessary:

Those essential for the correct function of the page. They can be divided in:

  • Session cookies to facilitate navigation of the users and to remember how to find the user when he navigates through a web site, due to the fact that the web pages have no memory of where they are navigated, so these cookies act like a marker within the web site. These cookies disappear once the navigation or session has concluded.
  • Cookiesfor autentification of the user as registered when initiating a session in the pages that require identification/autentification. These cookies can be necessary to Access the services or contents restricted to users who identify and authenticate themselves.

Measurement statistics:

For internal use of the web site anonymous information of the user can be obtained. This site uses:

  • Google Analytics - These cookies are used to analyse the performed visits, the places and the times of navigation in the web site. The information of the cookies is transmitted and stored directly by the measurers at its servers, which can be placed in a country with a protection not equivalent to Spanish protection. These measurers could transmit this “cookie” information to third parties when legislation requires so, and use it to facilitate the services rendered to the users.

You can find more information concerning the protection Google maintains with respect to these cookies by consulting the Privacy Policy of Google.

Positioning or monitoring:

Are those that collect personal information of the web site user on behalf of a third party for personalizing advertising spaces. We don’t use “COOKIES” of this type. The web site doesn’t perform personalization of advertising spaces on its own behalf nor on behalf of third parties. In case it does so in the future we would require your specific approval.

The possible data of personal character collected through the use of cookies in this web site, will be treated by SURGINNOVA as responsible, to facilitate and inprove navigation in this web site, analyse the visits and identify the registered users. If you accept the cookies, you consent the possible treatment of your data for all the indicated means, international transfers and communications. If you don’t consent these treatments, do not accept the cookies. The user can exercise his/her rights of Access, rectification, cancelation and opposition to SURGINNOVA at the address

You can configure your navigator to be advised in your screen of the reception of “cookies” and accept them or not, individually, so as to prevent its installation in your hard disc in your equipment by default. If you accept/consent the usage of “cookies” these will be installed in your equipment or devise; otherwise they will not be installed, with possible limitations of navigation and services in this web site, including making navigation itself impossible.

For more information about “cookies” please contact with the titleholder of this web site at the address

Our web site can also use social network characteristics (“Social characteristics) provided by third party companies and services, to permit you to share information through its channels. The social functions will be identified in our web site with the different logotypes of the respective companies

These cookie files are property of third parties who control them, so that these third parties are responsible for its use. As such, we can’t guarantee that we have named all the cookies you can receive from third parties, because these could change in whatever moment depending necessities, so we recommend that you visit the privacy policy and cookie policy of said social networks regularly.

When you visit our web page with the social characteristics activated and in case you want to employ them, please take into account that your navigatior will establish a direct connection with the servers of the corresponding social network. The social characteristics provide these social information networks the information you accessed in our web page, and if you started your sesión in the social network, your visit can be registered in the account of that service. For example, if you click at the button “Like” of Facebook, that information is transmitted from your navigator directly to Facebook and is stored there. Including if you didn’t start session in the social network, or did’t click in a social function, there exists the possibility that a social function can transmit your IP address to the social network.

More information

To obtain more information about the subject and the scope of data processing on behalf of the social network, as well as your options to protect your privacy, consult the privacy policy in the web site of the corresponding social network. For your comfort, hereafter we share the links to the social characteristics most used:

SURGINNOVA reserves the right to change the present cookie policy if it considers it necessary. Compruebe esta página habitualmente si desea mantenerse informado de los cambios.