• MINOP endoscopic modular system - B|Braun

    MINOP - B|Braun


    Manufacturer: B|Braun

    Endoscopic modular system for intraventricular video-assisted indications with trocars, instruments, accessories and 2 specific endoscopes.

  • General Spine Instruments - B|Braun

    General Spine Instruments - B|Braun

    Spine general instruments

    Manufacturer: B|Braun

    Wide range of general surgical tools. More than 6000 references for each surgical speciality.

  • General Neurosurgery Instruments - B|Braun

    Gen. Neurosurgery Instruments - B|Braun

    General Neurosurgery Instruments

    Manufacturer: B|Braun

    Broad range of references: scalpels, tubes, dura-matter scissors, Metzenbaum – Mayo – Lexer scissors (among other models), straight pliers and pincers.

  • Microspeed Uni Motors - B|Braun

    Microspeed Uni Motors - B|Braun

    Microspeed Uni Motors

    Manufacturer: B|Braun

    Universal Electric power tool system for neurosurgery, neuro-otology and spine surgery. Versatile with tactile screen and function control buttons.

  • Bipolar Coagulator - B|Braun

    Bipolar Coagulator - B|Braun

    Bipolar Coagulator

    Manufacturer: B|Braun

    Electrosurgical unit with micro and macro module. Microprocessor controlled bipolar electrosurgical equipment, with membrane keyboard. Especially appropriate for micro neurosurgery.

  • KAIRison® Pneumatic Laminotomes - B|Braun

    KAIRison® Pneumatic Laminot. - B|Braun

    KAIRison® Pneumatic Laminotomes

    Manufacturer: B|Braun

    Compressed air operated Bone punch, which preserves fine motor skills, requires a short learning curve and is reliable without interferences.

  • C2 NeuroMonitor - InoMed

    C2 NeuroMonitor - InoMed

    C2 NeuroMonitor

    Manufacturer: InoMed

    Combines simplicity of use with high quality stable EMG signals and acoustic tones output. The matched electrical stimulation accessories enable intermittent & continuous monitoring to be performed. The main application areas are: Thyroid Surgery, Spine Surgery & Facial surgery/ENT.

  • PAINSHIELD® - NanoVobronics

    PAINSHIELD® - NanoVobronics


    Manufacturer: NanoVobronics

    The PainShield® device is a wearable, battery powered electronic unit that uses a disposable patch through which it delivers localized energy creating therapeutic effect to relief localized pain and induce soft tissue healing.

  • C3 CryoSystem - InoMed

    C3 CryoSystem - InoMed

    C3 CryoSystem

    Manufacturer: InoMed

    Allows the pain therapist to “put the pain on ice”. Treatment-resistant, chronic pain in the spinal column region is one of the main indications of cryotherapy and thus the main area of application for the Inomed C3 CryoSystem.