• Hyacorp endogel - Bioscience

    Hyacorp endogel - Bioscience

    Hyacorp endogel

    Manufacturer: Bioscience

    Hyacorp endo gel is a bio-degradable, sterile, transparent, high viscous gel obtained by crosslinking special designed hyaluronic acid of bacterial origin. It adheres perfectly to different tissue surfaces, creating an anti-adhesion barrier.

  • Lyoplant® Onlay - B|Braun

    Lyoplant® Onlay - B|Braun

    Lyoplant® Onlay

    Manufacturer: B|Braun

    Collagen implant produced from bovine pericardium. Doesn’t need sutures, but can be sutured. Thin, flexible, resistant, impermeable and offers optimal fibroblast proliferation.

  • Neuro-Patch - B|Braun

    Neuro-Patch - B|Braun


    Manufacturer: B|Braun

    Synthetic dura mater substitute made of highly purified polyester urethane. Fibrous microstructure allows a fast fibroblast proliferation.

  • Opacity +- Teknimed

    Opacity+ - Teknimed

    Opacity +

    Manufacturer: Teknimed

    Radiopaque bone cement of low viscosity for vertebroplasty, which achieves a good stabilization of the vertebral body.

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